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The 6 Best (Free!) Apps for Learning English

April 26, 2018
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Do you use mobile apps for education? Check out some of these popular apps for learning English–many are free! Some of the apps on this list allow you to connect with other English learners or native speakers, some apps focus more on games to help you learn, and others focus on specific aspects of English learning (like building vocabulary). Try a few, find the one that fits your English learning needs, then let it help you as you continue on your journey to learn English!

The 6 Best Free Apps for Learning English


The 6 Best Free Apps for Learning English





Learn how to read, listen, and speak with DuoLingo. This app helps learners stay motivated: it sends updates and encouragement to remind you to keep learning and keep up with* your goals. DuoLingo counts the days that you use the app and instantly lets you see your mistakes.  


*keep up with (phrasal verb): to continue an activity



The 6 Best (Free!) Apps for Learning English










More than 20 million people use Memrise, an app that uses flashcards and grammar lessons to help you learn a language. In 2017, Memrise was named Best Overall App by the Google Play Awards.  


Hello English

The 6 Best Free Apps for Learning English

Hello English uses interactive lessons to help users learn English. Through gamification (a way of making anything into a game), users learn English while having fun. In 2017, the app was named #3 Educational App by the Google Play Awards in India.  













Speak with real native English speakers using Lingbe! This app is a community of users participating in language exchange: users communicate with each other over the phone in order to have real-life practice speaking English. This is the one thing English learners always say they need!



The 6 Best Free Apps for Learning English










Connect with language learners from around the world and teach your native language while learning English! With the HelloTalk community, you indicate your native language and the language(s) you want to learn. You then make friends with other native speakers and send texts or voice messages, which they can correct. It’s a fun way to make friends, learn, and teach.


Learn English Daily

The 6 Best Free Apps for Learning English









The Learn English Daily app focuses on pronunciation and everyday language, which all English learners need. This app uses British English, so it is a great way for students learning English in the USA to get exposure to another accent.



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