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Best YouTube Channels for Learning English

February 15, 2018

Most of us spend a little too much time on YouTube . . . why not make that time productive? These YouTube channels (which we think are the best YouTube channels for learning English) will help you improve your listening, vocabulary, grammar, and speaking skills quickly . . . and you can watch them while you are going to class, exercising, or just hanging out!

Best YouTube Channels for Learning English

BBC Learning English

All of the best of BBC English is in one place with this channel! Here, you can find many of the BBC’s videos and channels in one place, including the following:

  • The English We Speak,” which has short videos about useful (usually British) English idioms or vocabulary, such as FOMO (“Fear of Missing Out”) or “put someone on the map” (to make some famous).
  • English in a Minute,” which has minute-long videos that teach grammar, vocabulary, and more.
  • Grammar Gameshow,” a fun series of videos. Each video focuses on one grammar concept.
  • Lingohack” News, which teaches English through news stories that were produced for English learners.
  • Six Minute English, which takes one everyday topic of conversation (such as the future of transportation, or giving up alcohol, or having the flu) and teaches you how to confidently discuss this topic.
  • The Experiment,” which is a topic of conversation that has fun animation to help you learn.

The channel also has a useful pronunciation section with many videos on specific sounds or words in the English language.

Jennifer ESL

Jennifer ESL is a YouTube channel that provides English instruction to students of all levels. The best thing about Jennifer’s channel is how she makes multiple videos about one topic and then creates playlists about this topic. The channel posts a new video every Thursday, so be sure to check each week!

Rachel’s English

Learn how to speak English using American pronunciation with this YouTube channel! All of Rachel’s videos have captions so that you can read while watching. She posts new videos each week.

English Class 101

Of all the English learning YouTube channels, English Class 101 might have the most interesting lessons! Learn things such as “Internet Slang,” “English with Alexa” (Amazon’s virtual assistant) or  “Top 25 English Phrases” in this channel. It also has lessons that help you improve your English in 30 minutes: wow!

VOA Learning English

Learn American English through the news with Voices of America (VOA) English! This channel provides the latest news stories in English. It has captioning so you can read while you watch, and the lessons are spoken at a slower rate to make them easy to follow.

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