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How to Get Involved at Orange Coast College

March 2, 2018
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One of the most exciting parts about being an international student in the United States is experiencing American culture. It’s very unique! American colleges encourage students to become involved and participate in groups and clubs. College becomes a time of growth for students (and a time filled with many memories).

IEC@OCC students have the same opportunities to become involved. The International Education Center is located on the Orange Coast College campus, which gives students day-to-day communication with American students and access to the college’s campus activities and events. If you are an IEC@OCC student, don’t miss these chances to get involved at Orange Coast College.

How to Get Involved at Orange Coast College

Attend sporting events

How to Get Involved at Orange Coast College How to Get Involved at Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College has many men’s and women’s sports teams: tennis, basketball, swimming, crew, volleyball, water polo . . . the list goes on! Support OCC teams and attend the next sporting event. Many are free or just a few dollars for tickets!

Visit the OCC Pirate Athletics page for a list of sporting events.

Become a tutor

How to Get Involved at Orange Coast College

Help someone else learn and you might learn something yourself! If there is a subject that you feel really confident in, considering providing your services as a tutor to classmates. (If nothing else, at least organize a study group!)

Orange Coast College has a Student Success Center, which provides FREE tutoring to students! Take advantage of this incredible service if you feel you need some extra academic support.

Join a club or organization

How to Get Involved at Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College has more than 60 student clubs and organizations. Many are based on volunteering or organizing community events; some are based on an activity (like a sport or game) so you can meet people who share your hobbies and interests. With so many options, there is surely one that will interest you! Go to the OCC Clubs page for a full list of clubs you can join.

Participate in student government

How to Get Involved at Orange Coast College

The Associated Students of Orange Coast College (ASOCC) is a student government that participates in many decisions on the OCC campus. There is a Student Senate, a Fiscal Affairs Council for campus spending, and a Volunteer Team of dedicated students. Students can run for office or participate in student government activities. Visit the ASOCC page for more information.

Read the student newspaper (or join its team!)

How to Get Involved at Orange Coast College

The Coast Report Online is the official Orange Coast College newspaper. Read the paper to find out what’s happening on campus; better yet, consider applying to be a reporter!


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