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OCC Campus Life: What It’s Like to be an International Student at IEC@OCC

December 6, 2017
International Student IEC@OCC

Disneyland! Beaches! Surfing culture! Beautiful sunsets! Hollywood! LA! Southern California is famous for many things, but what is life really like here after you’ve done and seen the “touristy” things? Here are some of the highlights of living in Southern California and attending the International Education Center at Orange Coast College.

The advantages of living in Southern California


Yes, the beaches are just a short drive away . . . this definitely makes living in Southern California great! Southern California is also close to many other exciting places: cities such as San Francisco, San Diego, Monterey and Santa Barbara are easy trips. The area also has easy access to many famous natural parks: while in California, you can visit stunning Yosemite, the California deserts, and the famous California Redwoods. If you need to see something different, the international airports can take you to Hawaii or New York in less than 6 hours.

International Student IEC@OCC

Great foods

Southern California has a wonderful mix of cultures, which we all know means something important: great food! Try some of the area’s famous food trucks for delicious “fast food” (that isn’t McDonalds!). Also be sure to try the local taco shops, California sushi, and the tasty salads that are made from the state’s beautiful produce. Everything grows in California, so all produce is local! And if you’re over 21, California wine is definitely worth trying . . .


There is always something fun to do in Southern California! Concerts, festivals, museums, film screenings, beach parties, sailing adventures . . . you name it, and it’s happening in Southern California! Trust us: in this part of the world, it’s impossible to be bored.

International Student IEC@OCC

Academic and professional opportunity

Some of the best universities (UCLA! USC!) and the most exciting companies in the world are located in Southern California. Many students begin their studies at one of the area’s beautiful community colleges; after, students transfer to colleges or universities to complete their studies. Throughout their studies, students have access to thousands of companies where they can hopefully get an unpaid internship and gain valuable experience in a work environment.

International Student IEC@OCC


The advantages of attending IEC@OCC

There are many community colleges (and English schools) in Southern California. Why should you choose IEC@OCC?

International Student IEC@OCC

Academics that prepare you for English in the real world

IEC@OCC’s intensive Academic English programs not only teach you the language skills needed to excel in college, but they also teach you the research, writing, and even social skills required for you to perform your best in the American classroom.  

As an IEC@OCC student, you can expect instruction from dedicated and qualified staff: these teachers will provide you with an education that prepares you for life at an American university. Meet our IEC@OCC teachers!

International Student IEC@OCC

Real integration into OCC campus and life

IEC students take classes on the Orange Coast College campus, which is beautiful! Check out some of our photos of this gorgeous location and the incredible architecture of the campus buildings.

After completing the IEC curriculum, students then begin classes at Orange Coast College. The transition is simple: students are already on the campus, they just begin taking OCC classes with native English speakers (and other international students)!

Organized activities to integrate into American life

It’s important to IEC@OCC that students become active members of their new community. IEC@OCC often activities such as volunteering or visiting some of the most popular tourist locations in Southern California. In addition, IEC@OCC students often attend Orange Coast College events, such as games and festivals.

 International Student IEC@OCCInternational Student IEC@OCC


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