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Student Services for OCC Students

June 4, 2018

College is overwhelming. There is a new campus to get lost in, new professors to meet, classes to take, hours of studying, books and tuition to pay . . . earning a college degree is difficult. These reasons (and more!) make receiving a college degree an incredible achievement!

The good news is that colleges have many departments and services to help students will all aspects of college life. If you need help transferring to a four-year university, need medical care, or need someone to talk to . . . Orange Coast College can help! Make sure that you know about the many services OCC has for you.

Student Services for OCC Students

Transfer Services

Would you like to transfer to a four-year university after you complete your studies at OCC? Orange Coast College has a Transfer Center to help students. The Transfer Center hosts fairs (where students can speak with representatives from different colleges), organizes campus tours to universities in Los Angeles, provides workshops to help students with applications and transfer admission agreements, and more. Read our article about University Transfer Services from Orange Coast College to learn more about the center, or visit the Transfer Services web page.


If you feel sick while you are on campus, visit the Student Health Center. The Health Center provides nursing services as well as medical and mental health care. The nurses will help you book an appointment with a doctor if you are in need of more serious medical care. With this center, you are in good hands! Visit the Student Health Center page for more information.

Career/Internship Center

Would you like to spend one year working in the U.S. after you complete your studies at Orange Coast College? You can do this with Optional Practical Training (OPT). Students must complete an associate’s degree from Orange Coast College to qualify. Visit the Career Center web page for more information.


Do you need help planning your academic career? Make an appointment with an academic counselor. Orange Coast College counselors are here to help you reach your academic goals. Meet with a counselor regularly (once every semester) to make sure that you are taking the right classes to reach your goals. You will see that counselors have knowledge about degree and transfer requirements and also have a lot of information about events, clubs, and organizations that might interest you. Visit the Counseling Center web page for more information.


Orange Coast College offers numerous scholarships for international students. See if you meet the requirements! Visit the Scholarships page for more information, or visit the Scholarships Office in person to get an updated list of scholarships. The friendly staff is there to help answer any questions you may have.  

Student Success Center

Orange Coast College offers FREE tutoring services for students. If you are a little confused about one of your classes or need a little help with your upcoming essay, visit the Student Success Center for tutoring! All you need to bring is your ID card (and your class materials, of course!) for help. Visit the Student Success Center page for more information.

Visit the Orange Coast College Student Services page for a full list of student services.


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