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What Should I Do in Hollywood?

September 19, 2018
What Should I Do in Hollywood?

Did you know that IEC@OCC is just an hour from Hollywood? It’s a great place to spend the day! But what should you do when you’re in Hollywood? We have some tips for how to enjoy your experience at this famous place.

What Should I Do in Hollywood?

See the Hollywood Sign

When the sign was made in 1923, it was only supposed to be displayed for 1 ½ years. Nearly 100 years later, it still stands . . . and it’s one of the most famous signs in the world!

The official Hollywood Sign website reminds us that the best place to see the Hollywood sign isn’t always the closest to the sign. In fact, the farther away you are, the better you can see it! This CBS list of The Best Places to Spot the Hollywood Sign in LA is an excellent resource: you can also visit the Best Viewpoints page of the Hollywood Sign webpage for information on the places to see the sign and the hikes you can take to get to the sign. You can also ride horses to the sign: what a cool experience!

Visit Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Most people visit Grauman’s Chinese Theater for what’s outside: the 200 Hollywood stars made for different celebrities. Find your favorite celebrity’s star (and put your hands inside their handprints for a photo opportunity!) and then go see a movie on this theater’s incredible IMAX screen.  

What Should I Do in Hollywood?

Stroll the Walk of Fame

People dressed as superheroes and famous characters, streets lined with gift shops and tattoo parlors, crowds of tourists . . . the Walk of Fame is a crazy and unique place! This is the area where the original movie studios were located, so a visit here connects you to the old Hollywood of a century ago.

What Should I Do in Hollywood?

Hike in Runyon Canyon

Have you ever seen a celebrity post a photo of a hike in LA on Instagram? They were probably in Runyon Canyon! Runyon Canyon is a 160-acre park located in the Santa Monica Mountains. Visitors have a view of the sea and get a great workout going to the top, which provides views of the city. Begin your walk at the end of Fuller Avenue in Hollywood or at the 7300 block of Mulholland Drive.

What Should I Do in Hollywood?

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Tour Universal Studios

See where the Hollywood action is! At Universal Studios, you can take the Studio Tour to see the production areas used is more TV shows and movies than any other lot in the world! You can also take the King Kong or Fast and Furious tours, or take the Wizarding World of Harry Potter exhibit if you’re a Potter fan (and love rides).

What Should I Do in Hollywood?

Take a Star Tour

Have you ever wanted to see where your favorite celebrities live? Take a celebrity homes tour! It’s a great way to see the city and also view some incredible homes and neighborhoods. Starline Tours provides several excellent tours with a guide.

What Should I Do in Hollywood?

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