Orange County, California


IEC@OCC Student Life

What is it like to be an IEC@OCC student? IEC@OCC students enjoyed a mix of intensive classroom learning, social and academic-based afternoon activities, and weekends exploring Southern California.

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It is important to IEC that students have the ability to practice English outside of the classroom; therefore, IEC provides students with numerous opportunities to do so. Weekend excursions, volunteer opportunities, academic workshops, and daily activities are organized by IEC three to five times per week and allow students to see more of beautiful California.

IEC’s activities are not just organized field trips: they are designed to involve and engage students with the community. This is why IEC organizes events like volunteering at homeless shelters, homework help workshops, and campus tours. Some of these activities (ski trips, etc.) require payment; others are free of charge.

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IEC@OCC works with three homestay companies to ensure that students have a warm and welcoming host family.

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IEC@OCC students can purchase affordable health care through Orange Coast College. IEC@OCC students have access to OCC’s Student Health Center, which provides quality care.

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Have you read the IEC@OCC Blog? It is written for IEC@OCC students!

On the IEC@OCC Blog, students can:

  • Get tips for things to do and see in Orange County  (written by locals!)
  • Learn more about Orange County and Southern California
  • Read tips on language learning (written by English teachers!)


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