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Medical Insurance for OCC Students

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For answers to frequently asked questions about health care, visit the Insurance Solutions Help Center. IEC@OCC students have access to the Orange Coast College Student Health Center, which offers nursing, medical, and mental health services to OCC students. 

All F-1 visa international students are required to purchase medical insurance from OCC each session. Medical insurance is added to the cost of tuition and must be paid within the first week of the session. For prices, please check the 2021-2022 IEC@OCC Insurance Brochure

Insurance waivers are available for students with an F-1 visa who are studying on a scholarship from their home country that includes medical insurance.

For more information, visit the OCC Student Health Center Website.

IEC@OCC Health Center FAQs

Below you will find frequently asked questions about the Student Health Center. If you have a question not found here, please feel free to call the Health Center at 714-432-5808 during normal business hours. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911.

Health Fee & Costs

What does it cost to be seen at the Student Health Center?

  • Most professional services provided to students in the Student Health Center are free of charge. Outside services such as laboratory tests and gynecological exams may require a small fee. Students who use the Student Health Center pay the actual cost of the medications and supplies used in their care so that these supplies can be restocked. Students also pay the cost of lab tests, which a private laboratory performs. All charges are well below what a student would have to pay for similar services outside of the Student Health Center.

Health Insurance

Do I need health insurance in order to get care at the Student Health Center?

  • No, your student health fee that is paid with your tuition is all you need.  The Student Health Center does not require nor accept health insurance.

Can I get health insurance through the Student Health Center?

  • The Student Health Center does not provide health insurance but can provide you with information about low-cost insurance plans available for college students. Click here for information on health insurance options for students.

What if I don’t know where to go to receive affordable medical help?

  • The Health Center nurses and staff will be able to can help you find a referral that is close to school or your home.


How do I get an appointment?

  • Appointments can be made in person at the Health Center or by phone at 714-432-5808.  Please bring your current student I.D. card. You must be enrolled at OCC and attending classes.

How soon can I be seen by a doctor or nurse? Is there generally a long waiting time to receive an appointment?

  • Students can expect to see the nurse or doctor within the same week he/she initially visited or called the Health Center. Emergencies are triaged for immediate evaluation.

Who can be seen in the Student Health Center?

  • All students currently enrolled and attending classes at Orange Coast College who have paid the current semester health fee can be seen and treated at the Health Center.

Can my family be seen in the Student Health Center?


What services are available?

  • The Student Health Center is able to provide basic first aid, medical consultations, and management of acute illnesses. The Health Center offers some wellness services, such as contraception, screening, and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, nutrition consultations, health teaching, physicals for entry into the Allied Health programs, and screening for tuberculosis. The Health Center does not provide medical management of serious chronic health conditions that require primary care and/or daily medication (such as diabetes, cardiac conditions, hypertension, etc.)  The College Health Nurses can help students find primary care resources in our local community that provides management of chronic medical conditions. All medical records are confidential.


  • Students requesting all immunizations, such as Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccines will be referred to a local health department or medical facility. The Orange County Health Care Agency provides flu vaccines annually during the fall semester.  The vaccine is provided to Orange Coast College students by the Student Health Center at no cost as long as supplies last.  There is no general immunization requirement to attend OCC; however, various academic programs require proof of immunization status. The Student Health Center nursing staff is available to consult with students regarding immunization requirements for OCC programs.  Students requesting all immunizations, such as Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR), will be referred to a local health department or medical facility.​​

Lab Tests

  • The Student Health Center offers some simple "point-of-care" lab tests, including urinalysis, pregnancy testing, and rapid Strep A.  These tests are performed in the health center and the student is charged a very small fee to cover the Health Center's cost.  The student pays only the cost of the lab test with no "markup."  This represents a significant discount for our students.  All students receiving laboratory services from LabCorp must pay the Student Health Center before going in for the lab test.  The Health Center will not bill students or their insurance.
  • The Student Health Center provides short-term mental health therapy and crisis counseling for currently enrolled students. A student may need immediate assistance with a mental health issue. Students may feel overwhelmed and unable to cope due to problems at school or in their personal lives, or due to the emergence of psychological symptoms such as depression or obsessive-compulsive tendencies.  The OCC Student Health Center staff is experienced in assisting students in crisis and will provide immediate assistance to students who come to the health center seeking help.

Can I get a complete physical or gynecologic exam?

  • Yes, physicals and gynecology exams are available to students. These appointments must be scheduled, and a small fee may be charged if labs are required.

Do the doctors and nurses treat skin conditions (dermatology)?

  • Yes, most skin problems can be treated by family practice medical providers. A persistent or long-term problem will need to be referred to a specialist in the community (dermatologist). The Student Health Center concentrates on the diagnosis and treatment of short-term episodic illness. We do not remove warts.

How long can I continue to receive help from the mental health team?

  • The student requesting counseling will receive an intake appointment with a member of our mental health team, who will make a determination regarding making a future appointment for counseling or implementing immediate crisis intervention.  Sometimes students have mental health issues that exceed the capacity of the OCC Student Health Center.  The mental health team will then provide community resources that are able to handle long-term or acute mental health problems.


Who provides the care in the Student Health Center? Does the staff consist of "real" doctors and nurses?

  • Our staff consists of registered nurses, nurse practitioners, medical doctors, medical assistants, licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, and graduate interns.
  • The Mental Health Team sees students for a variety of problems ranging from relationship issues to substance abuse.  The team consists of pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Trainees and Associates who work under the supervision of Licensed MFTs. 

Hours & Location

Where is the Student Health Center located?

  • The Student Health Center is located on campus between Watson Hall and the gymnasium (facing Fairview Road in parking Lot A).

When is the Student Health Center open?

  • For appointments in the Fall & Spring semesters, we are open Monday & Tuesday from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Wednesday & Thursday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, and Friday from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.  We are closed on the weekends, during college holidays, and during semester breaks. Please call us at 714-432-5808 for summer and intersession hours.


Will details of my medical care be kept absolutely confidential (even from my parents)?

  • All medical records are CONFIDENTIAL. Your medical records will not be released to anyone without your written consent, except in cases where it is required by law. The Student Health Center follows all state and federal laws pertaining to the confidentiality of medical and mental health records. Our medical office software is stored on a server that is separate from those that contain student records data. No health center data can be accessed from other campus computers. The Student Health Center follows all laws pertaining to communicable disease reporting, and the reporting of child abuse, the danger of harm to self or others, and injury or suspected injury as a result of violence, abuse, or assault.